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I Put The “Pop!” In Popsicle

Are you as hot as I am? 😉

In the year of 1905, 11 year old Frank Epperson stirred a package of soda mix into a cup of water with a stick and accidentally left the concoction on his porch overnight. The temperature outside dropped enough that when Frank returned the following morning, he found a delicious frozen treat, complete with a handle.


Nevertheless, it seems like frozen novelties have been around for as long as humanity has been able to harness ice in the warmer months, as the chime of an icy treat is a relish to the ears (and taste buds) of everyone on a hot day. Continue Reading

Social Justice Warrior

The Praise For Physical Traits

Photo By Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign 

For centuries, the society has dictated the “ideal” body of a woman through the media. This begins at a tender young age when a girl is given a size zero Barbie to play with, and this unrealistic perception of “perfect” lasts for a lifetime through every magazine she opens, every song she falls asleep to, every movie which is her guilty pleasure and every advertisement she catches sight during the Family Viewing Hour. Continue Reading


Adelaide – The Glorious Little Capital Of South Australia

I hopped on two planes and travelled for nearly two days to fall in love with this city the moment I walked through the airport to the baggage claim. It was a chilly winter morning when a gush of cold air grazed my cheeks and turned the tip of my nose red when I stepped out of the automated airport gate.

Adelaide – The Glorious Little Capital Of South Australia.

Coat – Novashe | Pants – Dorothy Perkins | Shoes – H by Halston | Bag – Chanel Continue Reading


Hallett Cove – An Australian Suburb

This is a long overdue post, as I visited Hallett Cove Conservation Park on the 24th of this month. 

Located 22 kilometres south of Adelaide, the Marino to Hallett Cove board walk is a breathtaking experience.

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Social Justice Warrior

My Love/Hate Relationship With 13 Reasons Why

DISCLAIMER: You may not agree with the content(s) of this article, but I am entitled to my opinion and the fact that I have a particular entitlement or right is irrelevant to whether my assertions are true or false.

Note: This article is dedicated to Yameen Rasheed, a Maldivian human rights activist, blogger and editor-in-chief of The Daily Panic, who was brutally murdered on 23rd April 2017. The last conversation we had was regarding this article, just 8 hours before he was pronounced dead. Nine weeks later, I summed up the courage to finalise this article and publish it.

Is it too late to jump on the bandwagon? 3 months ago, I finished watching the mini series version of Jay Asher’s book, ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ and I have an inclination to state 13 reasons why I harbour mixed feelings towards the show.

The story oscillates between the narrative Hannah Baker who left tapes on which she recalled instances of abandonment, bullying, manipulation, rape and rape culture, rumours, sexual harassment, slut shaming, stalking and more events that she alleges caused her to take her life, each attributable to one of the classmates that her tapes are delivered to AND and Clay Jensen who is on a quest to uncover the story behind the death of Hannah. It also depicts the impact her death had on her school community, including ensuing legal action by Hannah’s parents against the school.

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