My Inner Monologue

    Adieu, 2020!

    8th February, 2020. for me, 2020 was a cold air of death seizing beauty in a stagnant hold.

    “do not take life for granted” is a phrase we often hear and usually, we associate this phrase with being grateful for merely being able to be alive. when we jot down on our journals, we (almost) always express our gratefulness for our loved ones, health, wealth and happiness. do not get me wrong, they are the biggest things in life but how often have we really thought about little things in life which we thought were a given? Continue Reading

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    Our Honeymoon

    Once you have made it through one of the biggest days of your life, a honeymoon is a getaway every couple deserves, especially the ones who planned and organised their own…

  • My Inner Monologue

    Dream, Dua, Do

    via Pinterest How often do we remember to glorify Allah سبحانه و تعالى when our life is at ease? Yet, we never fail to turn to Him when calamity and distress…