Mistakes – When It Came To Romance


We all make them, whether it’s a professional teacher or the President, it’s just a fact of life.

Losing an important person gave me the ability to look back and see where I did wrong in a chapter of my life.

I am a young girl in the verge of learning, so it’s not very surprising to know that I have made a lot of mistakes in life. I know from my own life experiences that mistakes are painful but very useful ways of learning. However, there are some life mistakes, that if avoided in the first place, which would have saved me a whole load of heartache and misdirection.


One of my major setbacks was that I assumed too much. Assumptions are destructive and a lot of people get hurt with assumptions. It was really easy for me to make a wrong assumption and assume someone does something because they are trying to prove a point or get back at me for some other reason.

In the end, I got hurt because I let myself believe something that is actually false.

I have learnt never to be over-intelligent and assume everything. It has taught me to be intelligent enough to set clear expectations rather than jumping into conclusions.


Jealousy would not have happened if I was 100% confident, but no one, not even Nicole Kidman is 100% confident all the time. I get jealous because I do not want anyone else to acquire even a bit of the amazing gift I had. I found myself constantly jealous due to a various reasons, even regarding small petty issues. Jealousy is inevitable, but it’s NEVER OKAY to just flip out whenever such things happen. It just shows how insecure I am.

In the end, I winded up being a jealous freak who is insecure about everything.

I have learnt that jealousy is just insecurity wearing a super-ugly mask and I need to build up my self-esteem.


Hey, how are you?
I’m okay.
*awkward silence*
What’s wrong?
Are you sure?

This is probably the number one skill that I have, and it also makes people crazy. I should have known that I already had attention, and that particular person KNOWS that I am actually upset even with the smiley I insert at the end of the sentence.

In the end, all of this could have been avoided if I was just straightforward with the person whenever I had an issue.

I have learnt that if someone asks me what’s wrong and I say nothing and then just mope around waiting for that person to press me further, I’ll just cause building anger and resentment.


When it comes to detrimental things that I can do to screw up a relationship, blaming the other person for something is near the top of the list. Blaming someone for something they did ages ago would first spark a fight, then things would get ugly. It shows that I have trouble in letting go of past events and focus on what I had at the present. No matter how many times the other person apologized, I just had the tendency to carry all those along with me and I let those stupid issues bother me through it all. I really need to let go of this OH I AM DOING THIS JUST BECAUSE YOU DID IT TOO 950 YEARS AGO attitude.

In the end, I proved how immature and stubborn I can be.

I have learnt that ANYONE CAN MAKE MISTAKES, which is also the main aspect I have focused on this post. If I can make mistakes, anyone else is free to make mistakes and it’s my duty to forgive and let go, or else both of us would end up getting hurt.

These are the mistakes that can stick with me for a lifetime.

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