I Used To Believe…

When we were young, we got some ridiculous ideas in our head.

Below are some silly myths I believed as a child.

Blankets Served As An Impenetrable Barrier From Monsters
It’s funny that I thought a blanket could protect me from the closet monster. I remember as a kid I used to believe that covering my head with my covers would keep any monster that entered my room away or make me invisible to them.
I still do it and I don’t know why. I know a blanket isn’t going to keep me safe from something about to attack. It’s not like a monster is going to come into my room at night and be like, “GRRRR I’m going to eat you…..oh wait, she’s under a blanket, shit!” but I still feel safer.

The World And Black & White Once
When I was about five years old, I always thought that the world was really black and white in our past generations because pictures from that time period were in black and white and we had just evolved to color.

Swallow A Seed And Have A Plant Growing Inside Me
I thought that if I swallowed a seed, then I would have a whole tree grow in my tummy so I tried hard not to swallow any seeds, especially when eating stone-apples and water-apples. Unfortunately, I did swallow some seeds and had the fear that I might have a tree grow out of my tummy.

I was a bit disappointed to not feel anything growing inside of me.

Santhi Mariyanbu, Foolhudhigu Handi & Baukalo
I used to believe in all these.

Santhi Mariyambu and Foolhudhigu Handi are monsters in Maldivian folklore. These monsters are said to wander and kidnap misbehaving children. As kids, we were taught to believe that if we refuse our food, one of these monsters would come and take us away and lock us in an inhabited island where all sorts of creepy creatures roam. “If you don’t eat well now, *insert a name of a monster* will come to take you away.”
Also, a cat is sometimes referred as Baukalo and it is said to carry off little kids who refuse to sleep. “Bau kalo naadhey, migey dhoshah naadhey. Eama akee bas ahaa kujjeh….”
Don’t you worry, those are just myths. 

Tooth Fairy
Admit it, we all believed in tooth fairy. When we lost a baby tooth, we placed it beneath the bed pillow so that the tooth fairy would visit us while we sleep and replace the lost tooth with money. Trust me, I did this a couple of times but my mother was not too enthusiastic to contribute to the game and to get my false beliefs going. The tooth fairy taught kids to sell their body parts for money. Blame her for prostitution.

So, what ridiculous things did you believe as a child ?

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    March 27, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    I liked it. Its Awesome.

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    mohamed aiman (@redcaffeine)
    May 31, 2014 at 7:50 pm

    I believed in “Minikaa Raajje People”.. i see cannibals walking in shallow waters to reach us, to eat us..i remember that one night i told my mom that i see them coming to feed on us, i can’t sleep on told me that its fake..n then only i was able to sleep, i slept 😀 .. i remember that day when i see something like this..the post recalled my past baby memories.. thank you :’)

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