Hello, and welcome to Eama’s Musings

A self assured female from Maldives, who passionately advocates for the empowerment of women whilst sipping green tea amidst the aromas of lavender and lemongrass.

Here, I document my Inner Monologue ; Beauty and Fashion, Social Justice and Liberal Feminism, Self Love, Travels and Fortnightly Rants.

I write because things are of a greater truth when I share them with my words. As a Law Student, I know that phrasing my encounters will add a depth to the experience. I am cognizant of humility as I have met the boundaries of language, and felt the gigantic silence that occurs when the world is too big for an expression and words can never suffice.

I hope you are stopping by to stay a bit longer, and I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a line and let’s connect!