hi, welcome to Eama’s Musings! ❤️

this blog is a way for me to document and share my myriad of thoughts and ventures with you; be it beauty and fashion, feminism and social equity + justice, self love, travels and all things I care about and learn more about every day.

I write because things appear to be of a greater truth when I share them with my words, and pursuing a career in Law has taught me that phrasing my encounters will add a depth to my experience. I am cognisant of humility as I have met the boundaries of language and felt the vast silence that occurs when words can never suffice.

and that is likely how you will find me; reading and writing whilst sipping on tea amidst the aromas of lavender and lemongrass in old and new places, finding adventure and a story to write – and tell.

I hope you are stopping by to stay a bit longer and I would love to hear from you, so drop me a line and let’s connect!