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  • My Inner Monologue

    Adieu, 2020!

    8th February, 2020. for me, 2020 was a cold air of death seizing beauty in a stagnant hold. “do not take life for granted” is a phrase we often hear and…

  • My Inner Monologue

    Dream, Dua, Do

    via Pinterest How often do we remember to glorify Allah سبحانه و تعالى when our life is at ease? Yet, we never fail to turn to Him when calamity and distress…

  • My Inner Monologue

    Know Thyself

    Between Friends, September 28, 2012 This post is the third part of the series ‘Musings For The Ardent Soul’ in which I aim to radiate benevolence via these documentations. I have always been a resilient…