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My Inner Monologue

  • My Inner Monologue

    Sensation Seeking

    Why do humans always find pleasure in seeking the extreme in most aspects? Why can’t they be contented within the safe zone or living in balance? I too, am guilty of…

  • My Inner Monologue


    “Keep It Simple,” is an often heard phrase in our daily lives. Seldom does one realize that this 6 lettered word contains a lot of weight. Simplicity may sound like a…

  • My Inner Monologue

    Types Of People On Facebook

    For some of us Facebook is the source of information, a dating site or an ego stroking medium. After years of being our default homepage, we can now see a pattern…

  • My Inner Monologue

    World Cup Eye Candy

    Feel how the planet becomes one. Beats like a drum to the same rhythm. Hear the whistle, kick the ball. The entire world soars like an eagle! ♪ All eyes were on…