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    Women’s Day ’18 ft. Kimothy Joy

    8th March 2018 ♡ Today, as we reflect on the astonishing women in our lives, there’s no shortage of stories floating around; from Malala Yousafzai being shot point blank to Lupita Nuyongo’s…

  • Social Justice

    The Praise For Physical Traits

    Photo By HerCampus.Com For centuries, the society has dictated the “ideal” body of a woman through the media. This begins at a tender young age when a girl is given a…

  • Social Justice

    An Open Letter To Donald Trump

    GIF via LaughingGIF.Com Mr. Trump, I never rooted for you, and I never will. But once you were on the verge of getting elected, I found myself saying, “He cannot be…

  • Social Justice

    The Battle Of Sexes

    GIF via Imgur.Com The Battle of Sexes is the topmost battle of our time. Feminazis spurns Mennists, which lead to #YesAllWomen and #NotAllMen. Yet, the winner of the Gender Supremacy Battle has not been universally…