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    The Battle Of Mind

    GIF by Jenny Chang | BuzzFeed There are two kinds of people in this world. People who consider mental illness like the serious concern it is, and the people/a**holes who ridicule it and question the…

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    GIF by Sandijs Ruluks on Dribbble.Com “Let me think about it… – No.” See how simple it is to say one little word? Of course, there will be times when it’s…

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    Women Empower One Another

    Listen up, women! Who among us hasn’t suffered the sting of a woman’s snarky comment, an ickiness of mean-girl shunning or lie-spreading? Whilst we are working towards changing the thinking towards…

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    Islamic Feminism – Oxymoron or Reality?

    The most radical movement in recent times which is revolutionising the whole social structure and changing the entire basis of human relationships is the Feminist Movement; the drive for Women’s Liberation. I identify…

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    To me, he is Rilube. Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, also known as Moyameehaa is a son, brother, uncle, friend, a journalist, a writer, an artist, a poet and a strong advocate of human…

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    I Will Not Make You A Sandwich

    I am sorry to say that the article you are about to read is extremely unpleasant. It tells you about some awful sexist attitudes adapted by our society. It’s my sad…