#FollowMeTo Laamu Atoll (Hahdhunmathi)

I boarded a plane from Male’ to Laamu Kahdhoo, and despite Laamu Mundoo being my destination, I drove into Laamu Gan for the night.

I set out the next morning on a 20 minute dinghy ride from Gan to Mundoo, ‘captained’ by my Dad. We sped against the wind, hence the water broke into a mist of droplets and fell on me as beads of salt. Add the playful sun to this, as the dinghy cut through the sea, releasing a foamy radiance. I could taste the mighty salt!

This was my third visit to Mundoo, and the home I stayed at is beachfront!

A hammock is set up between two coconuts palms, and a couple of ‘joalis’ (a traditional hammock made from [coir] rope) are tossed around the area. One could just sink in, as it cradles you and forms to your body. The ‘joalis’ were for ever and a day occupied during the languid mornings when the sun cascades over tanned skins, and tranquil nights when the moon brings out the bittersweetness of the fading beauty of the day. The lithe and graceful coconut palms crowd the area like a minuet of svelte and elderly virgins adopting flippant poses.

I went on a red buggy to cover the long and (almost) deserted roads, with a pathway of sand like a white rug stretched in front. The trees drew aside to make way to the humming vehicle, as I made my way towards the beach, sauntering over to the shoreline. There, the soft sand tickled my bare feet, as the crowing of crows were heard from the trees above. I was greeted by gorgeous shades of turquoise, only disturbed by the splashing of fish underneath the sparkling water. 

The golden sun shimmered onto the deep blue sea trying to catch my attention, accompanied by invigorating breezes as the coconut palms gently waved its leaves. I managed to capture myriads of the elegant arrays of oranges, pinks and blues lighting the sky, right from the doorstep of home! Huddling into the exuberant shimmer, the sunsets were like a sight of the paradise, not enough to satiate my desire to feast my eyes on that beauty of merging of colours. 

Between the piercing squawks of the crows in the trees and the laughter of the children as loud as crackling fire in the streets, I captured every moment in my memory (and camera). 10 days gushed past me at the blink of an eye as I made my way to Gan, en route to the airport.

Images ©  Eama Binth Musa 2018

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    Aslam Nazim
    January 2, 2020 at 19:46

    I am so proud of you.. keep it up. Sis.

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      January 11, 2020 at 16:22

      thanks, Kudabe. 🙂

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    Vito Scaletta
    February 1, 2018 at 00:33

    Safeeru. Such a talented girl.

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