Hallett Cove – An Australian Suburb

This is a long overdue post, as I visited Hallett Cove Conservation Park on the 24th of this month. 

Located 22 kilometres south of Adelaide, the Marino to Hallett Cove board walk is a breathtaking experience.

I got on The Marion Coastal Walking Trail at the Hallett Cove Conservation Park and walked till the trail ended at the top of Hallett Cove Headland Reserve, which required a reasonable level of fitness as it included several gully crossings with steps and multiple boardwalks. However, the walking trails were shown on the trailhead at each entrance which gave a good perspective of the area. The walk, which traced the geological history along the cliff top gave a spectacular view of the coastline, thus, the fascination quenched my thirst as I was fasting!

This area was proclaimed as a conservation park in 1976, primarily to conserve its’ geological formations and features. These features are of worldwide significance, particularly as a record of an Ice Age about 280 million years ago!

The Sugarloaf, named for its resemblance to a mass of hard refined sugar, is the best known feature in Hallett Cove Conservation Park.

I visited Hallett Cove amidst autumn and winter, with the temperature at 17°, yet it was a lovely sunny day, just perfect for a walk! For this reason, I chose a summer-y outfit paired with running shoes, a thin jacket and a comfortable hijab wrapped as a drape turban. A pleasant old lady pointed out that she liked my outfit as it resembles summer, and then again, I come from a country where it is summer all year round!

Nevertheless, Hallett Cove Conservation Park is as pretty as a picture all year round. Spring sees the wildflowers come in to bloom and animals start to become active again after the cooler months. Summer shows the harsh nature of the Adelaide Coastline as many plants revert to ‘survival mode’ with the ocean cliffs offering a cool retreat during the high summer heat. Autumn has the plants regaining their vigour with many bird species on show. Winter can bring spectacular storms with the beach conditions changing daily, from pure pebbles to sand almost over night.

With the stunning Gulf St Vincent coastline as a backdrop, this boardwalk is the perfect place to gain some much needed fresh air. Also, the green valleys and the rugged and eroded cliff faces provided a sense of wonderment. Moreover, like the Lockets of Love Bridge in Paris, lovers can lock away their love and hang it proudly on the fence along the track.

Images ©  Eama Binth Musa 2017

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