Our Honeymoon

Once you have made it through one of the biggest days of your life, a honeymoon is a getaway every couple deserves, especially the ones who planned and organised their own wedding from scratch; picking on the myriad of details and instructing the vendors to in order to perfect every aspect of the day. That was us, till they very last minute to 16:00 on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

But one thing we lacked was the timeframe we had for our honeymoon as my husband had to return back to flying within a couple of weeks after the wedding. So we searched for a destination within close proximity, but nothing short of mesmerising for us to spend one of the most magical weeks of our lives.

And that is when we found Munnar, a hill station that rises as three mountain streams merge; Kundala, Mudrapuzha and Nallathanni so my husband whisked me off to this dreamy destination the next morning right after we got married.


We flew to Cochin and hired a cab which drove us up to Munnar. The first thing that caught our eyes was its’ greenery; the unending expanse of misty hills, mountains and valleys of tea plantations that enveloped the entire town. As it lay on the Western Ghats Mountain Range, it was home for a lot of exotic species of flora and fauna in its’ wild forests and sanctuaries with the aroma of all kinds of spices scented in its’ cool air.

Similar to most cities of India, the center of Munnar itself was congested and jammed. But as we drove just a few kilometers to our suite situated on a hill, we were once again engulfed in a thousand shades of greenery with roses of every colour planted neatly in rows in a way that complemented their surroundings. Mere words would not do justice, but we woke up to that view every morning with slight shudders every now and then as we were not accustomed to the falling temperatures up the hills. But there is nothing a scrumptious breakfast cannot fix, right?

As hiking was something we both loved to do, the hills around Munnar were a welcoming treat. Carpeted in emerald and shamrock green, tea leaves and plantations were clipped, contoured and sculpted like hedges. Halting our climb from time to time to take in and capture the scenery in our cameras and minds, the landscape was spectacular. In fact, one of my best memories from this trip was sitting on the edge of this hill with the love of my life in a cold, yet sunny Tuesday morning. There was something about letting the wind blow through us, as we watched the veils of mist clinging to mountaintops.

In the evenings, we explored the markets which had numerous stalls lining the streets offering a plethora of homemade chocolates. Local savouries and sweets were neatly piled up, sweetening the air that was already perfumed with the aroma of coffee, tea and spices. Indians take their food very seriously, and so do we and boy, we went hard on their culture. One can never be too familiar with their cuisine as its’ exotic ingredients and tongue tingling flavours provides an an exciting and intimidating experience, always. How can a dish be sour, spicy, sweet and hot at the same time? Blows my mind, every time.

Being the tea connoisseurs we are, our trip to Munnar would have been incomplete without purchasing the treats we brought back home which included a variety of teas, spices and aromatic essential oils which are specific to the region of Kerala, famous for its’ exquisite aroma and taste. We explored ayurvedic and masala gardens, spice and tea farms as we delved into the benefits of these homegrown goodies. When my husband asked me what I wanted, I told him I wanted the entire Ayurveda store!

ya girl got herself a gorgeous husband who'd tirelessly go to any extreme to get the perfect shot for her

ya girl got herself a gorgeous man who’d tirelessly go to any extreme to get the perfect shot for her

One of our drivers suggested that we visit Dreamland, an activity + adventure park in Munnar. We jumped on the opportunity as we took a break from the quietness of the hills and unleashed our inner child for one day. Now, I happen to have quite a fear of heights so from balancing to climbing and jumping to ziplining, this ‘escape’ was worth it especially for me because I discovered my husband’s wonderful level of comfort and patience whenever I was in a state of panic. الحمد لله

The blooming, lush greens of Munnar had us under a spell with its’ beauty. Amidst the lovely sunrises and sunsets which fell on the surreal cottages that sat on top of the hills, a week went by with us lost in each other; strolling hand in hand through the hills, markets and streets whilst sipping on cups of tea as the aroma of freshly brewed chai kept following us wherever we went.

I fell in love with my beloved all over again, and we made a promise to return in 10 years (or earlier, if life finds us there) to see how it has changed, how we have changed and to continue to explore, إن شاء الله.

Alhamdulillah, & اللهم بارك لها ❤️

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