“Let me think about it… – No.”

See how simple it is to say one little word? Of course, there will be times when it’s not that easy if you’re used to saying yes all the time. As for women, it’s easier to feel obligated to say yes to things that we’d rather turn down so that we don’t come off as cold, rude, or insulting. Learning how to say “no” is a powerful skill and with practice, you may find it easier to master the gentle art of saying no.

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Women Empower One Another

Listen up, women!
Who among us hasn’t suffered the sting of a woman’s snarky comment, an ickiness of mean-girl shunning or lie-spreading?

Whilst we are working towards changing the thinking towards women in our society, it is saddening to see women trying to tear each other down instead of lifting each other up. Obviously, not all women are like this and there are plenty of men guilty of the same behavior, but why do some of us (ie; women) feel the need to bring each other down?

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Muslim Feminism – Oxymoron or Reality?

The most radical movement in recent times which is revolutionising the whole social structure and changing the entire basis of human relationships is the Feminist Movement; the drive for Women’s Liberation.

I identify myself as feminist who proudly associates with the “f-word” along with being a practicing Muslim. Is it possible to be a Muslim and a Feminist? Well, of course. Islam and Feminism does not contradict in terms and can work hand-in-hand.

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Sensation Seeking

Why do humans always find pleasure in seeking the extreme in most aspects? Why can’t they be contented within the safe zone or living in balance? I too, am guilty of seeking the top notch thrill in some that I do. I suppose this turns back to dualism theory. Positive/negative, for/against, up/down, left/right, man/woman, win/loss and extending to humans brain/heart, intellect/mind. We always think in terms of 2 possible outcomes. Typically either our mind takes one position and brain says reverse. We decide in favor of one or the other, close the matter.

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“Keep It Simple,” is an often heard phrase in our daily lives. Seldom does one realize that this 6 lettered word contains a lot of weight. Simplicity may sound like a narrow standard, as simple as it may be to spell and pronounce, but opting the ‘simple method’ can hoard us from a lot of tricky situations. But as human beings, we just have this innate ability to ramp up everything to the next level. 

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Types Of People On Facebook

For some of us Facebook is the source of information, a dating site or an ego stroking medium. After years of being our default homepage, we can now see a pattern when it comes to the types of people on Facebook and personalities taking the centre stage on this platform. What type of people have we befriended? Which one of those personalities are you?

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About Me – More Than Just a Pretty Face

I walk through life, capturing the attention of strangers solely based off of my outside physical characteristics. There are many individuals who miss the woman I am and the soul I sincerely have. If you are fixated on my image, not penetrating beyond my exterior, you miss my value. I am a genuine beauty who is beautiful from the inner surface of her heart as well.

“Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart.” – Kahlil Gibran

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