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The Battle Of Sexes

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The Battle of Sexes is the topmost battle of our time. Feminazis spurns Mennists, which lead to #YesAllWomen and #NotAllMen. Yet, the winner of the Gender Supremacy Battle has not been universally declared.

First of all, Feminism. This is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the genders. This is the true essence of feminism. This is what I stand for. This is what I want to prevail. Fighting for women’s rights is not a synonym for man-hating.

But –

The evolution of a fraction of Feminists to “Feminazis” jeopardized the true essence of feminism. Feminazis are extreme and perceive to seek superiority over men rather than equality and insist on carrying out a war against men. Recent studies show that this fraction of women are now on the verge of suing male seahorses for giving birth.

I have come across and dealt with different types of males throughout. Ranging from play-dates to schoolmates, co-workers to men whom I have interacted with on social media and through mutual friends, I can safely say that #NotAllMen are assholes. I personally know guys who advocate for the rights of women and yes, they are delightful!

– But then again, there were boys who underestimated my ability to kick a ball around just because I was a girl, thus excluded me from their ball games. Guys who sniggered behind my back at school just because I have a higher intellectual level *smug* and I dared to question. Men who were emotionally abusive and had a doctorate in lying which compelled me to check whether the sun was up every time I received a “Good Morning!” text from one.

Nevertheless, I haven’t lost sight of the men who does not belong on the battlefield at all.

Take my male cousins, for example. They are cheeky in general, but when I hit rock bottom, they are there for me. Their hugs and pep talks whenever I had a bad hair day provided me with the comfort I needed. Now we aren’t as close as we used to be, but they are always a phone call away.

I have male friends who are not trying to get into my pants. They check up on me every now and then, roots for my relationship and sincerely wants me to be the happiest I could be. Ladies, there are good-natured men out there who are striving to be decent people, even in a society entrenched in the patriarchy. But if you are convinced that all men are dogs 100% of the time, you close yourself to meeting genuinely pleasant guys.

And then there’s the most amazing man in my life: My Boyfriend who is also my Best Friend and my Number One Fan. He’s got my back when I wake up with determination, conquer the world and go to bed with satisfaction, and watches out for me in dreamland too. He showers me with unconditional love and that is something which I wouldn’t trade for anything in the universe. اللهم بارك له

These are men whom I appreciate everyday. And I am worried that along the way of becoming determined feminists, some women forget that both men and women deserve equal rights. Of course, there are plenty of men who do despicable things to women, and they deserve to be held accountable, but #NotAllMen are the same. And the decent ones deserve more credit than they get.

Ladies. Don’t let one man alter the way you view the entire gender. Stop rolling your eyes whenever a man holds a door open for you and gives you a smile. Be a strong and independent woman who knows how to value the gestures of courtesy. Stop wailing “Men!” whenever your crush doesn’t text you back. There are guys out there who would text you back in a jiffy. Stop hissing “Men!” whenever a man explains something to you because if someone, regardless of gender, doesn’t know or understand something, and a man does, then by all means, he should explain it! He’s not mansplaining. (Besides, the term “mansplaining” is pejorative. It’s an expression designed to cast aspersion on one group of people based solely on an inborn inherited trait. This term should never be used unless one wishes to belittle and denigrate all men. Clearly, a term that insult all the members of one gender has no part in a struggle for gender equality.)

Men can be awful, sexist, self-centered and heart-breaking creatures. But they can also be beautiful, intoxicating, strong, challenging and tender. They can help us to build ourselves and they can love us selflessly with all their heart. They can see an inner and a complex part of us and believe in it when we fail to do so, at times. They can grow us, and with us, into something truly magical. And it doesn’t always come in the form of a romantic relationship. The love you share with the opposite gender could be within a companionship, too. Hate doesn’t look good on you, darling. Love looks so much better.

Anyhoo, back to what I was saying earlier. Would being “multi-orgasmic” fetch points for women in the Gender Supremacy Battle and would men’s “athletic performance” fetch credit for men too, in the aforesaid battle?

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