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Women Empower One Another

Listen up, women!

Who among us hasn’t suffered the sting of a woman’s snarky comment, an ickiness of mean-girl shunning or lie-spreading?

Whilst we are working towards changing the thinking towards women in our society, it is saddening to see women trying to tear each other down instead of lifting each other up. Obviously, not all women are like this and there are plenty of men guilty of the same behavior, but why do some of us (ie; women) feel the need to bring each other down?

“From the time we’re little girls, we’re taught to compete. I need to be prettier, taller, smarter, my hair needs to be straighter, curlier, whatever it is. I need to get the better looking guy. I need to always be better than because we’re taught to come from a place of lack as women.” – Sophia Nelson

Girls pitting themselves against each other in an imaginary competition is internalized misogyny where girls are being sexist toward others of their own gender. We hear so often about the injustices that women face in the society as a result of gender inequality or the stereotyped, but what we do not hear enough about are the injustices we are met with that originate from the hands of other women. This fictional competition and bizarre belief also leads to bullying via social exclusion, malicious rumors and whatnot.

So instead of doing this, slowly ease yourself off of comparing yourself to other girls. Not only will you be doing her a favor, but you’ll be helping yourself as well.

I am sure that many of you have found yourself in a situation where a fellow woman has put you down, a rumor has been spread about you, or you’ve been challenged in an aggressive or threatening way. Or perhaps, in a moment of weakness, you yourself have acted as the aggressor.

Mostly in our society, I see teenage girls fighting over boys! Ranging from school-bullying to psychical fights, it is common to see a girl tearing apart the self-esteem and reputation of another just for the sake of scoring a boy. When I say psychical fights, I do mean hardcore blows and punches. There’s a secondary school in Male’ which is famous for this. I have never set my foot in that place, but it’s a well known fact that the ‘boy-drama’ disrupts the education and well-being of several girls which causes them to leave and pursue their education elsewhere. And as these girls grow older, they come up with more aggressive ways to disrupt relationships and by that time, the consequences would have multiplied too. It is not at all worth to put down a fellow girl just for the sake of the opposite gender who probably is a fuckboy.

Regardless of the situation, the sad reality is, a huge deficit exists in the number of women that make it their personal goal to elevate other women instead of tear them down.

Yet we cannot afford to fall back into destructive ways. Women cannot become a truly unstoppable force for good unless we shake off an old shadow that holds us back and that is how harsh we can be to one another. When we hold one woman back, we hold all women back. And when we empower and support each other, we all go big. The world is calling for us to go big!

There’s a Wonder Woman inside every one of us. Let’s unleash her this year to better support one another.

Come on, women! We deserve better than this. We are better than this.

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