World Cup Eye Candy

Feel how the planet becomes one. Beats like a drum to the same rhythm. Hear the whistle, kick the ball. The entire world soars like an eagle! ♪

All eyes were on Brazil as one of the most heated sporting events in the world was kicked off last month. Full of breathtaking athleticism and tooth and nail competition, the stadium was jammed with spectators.  However, most of us had our eye on something other than the ball. Women and men were glued to their screens during world cup matches, but their eyes were not focused just on the scoreboard.

Internationally, football is known as The Beautiful Game because of its pace, power and free flowing action. But with all the muscular thighs, tight six packs and generally gorgeous bodies of the players, we can think of another reason why the game is beautiful.

From dark and brooding macho men to pretty boys and cheeky chaps who were on the pitch, the super enthusiastic fans spotted in the stadiums and on the streets of Brazil had truly been eye-candy.

Even though France lost in the semifinals, I took a little comfort knowing the fact that I would be seeing this hunk till the duration of the world cup.

Not to mention, the gorgeous female fans from all over the world who flocked Brazil to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Let’s give a special shout out to the ladies who were showing their team spirit. With flower wreaths in their hair and flags on their backs, these women were showing the world what it really means to be a fan.

Most of the captured pictures of these enthusiastic fans which were rotating over social media are clearly NSFR (Not Suitable For Ramadan)

With the sense of excitement in the atmosphere, it had been a spectacular tournament. The scoreboard unveiled shocking and unanticipated outcomes which left the supporters dumbfounded.

Germany proved that depth and resiliency are just as important as individual brilliance in its march to the World Cup. The German players deserved greatness and they found it.

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